It seems that beer lists are in vogue at the moment. So what better way to start 2017 than to give you my favourite beers of last year.

I had just paid off the last of my debt (before a wedding, other expenses, and then being the victim of fraud put me back in). It was a lovely sunny day. The cat was lolling about on the concrete at my feet. I had a nice cold Steinlager and enjoyed every drop.

our wedding beersThe three beers we made (and had made) for our wedding. Garage Project were lovely enough to make us a beer that was light and made for toasting. I worked with ParrotDog on a version of Bloodhound that was dry hopped with Riwaka, Enigma, and Chinook. And Narelle brewed a full batch of raspberry gose with Tiamana that they called Blushing Brew (and that some of you may have had at the Pacific Beer Expo). Blushing Brew was one of those magical endless kegs that didn’t run out despite everyone drinking it.

Every beer I had with my best friend, and Best Man, on the Monday night before the wedding. We got pretty drunk that night and he left his bag at a bar downtown, but it was great. I forget all the beers and all the bars but it was one of those amazing nights where the hangover the next day is balanced by fun you had the night before. (See also my “stag night” on Hopstock weekend).

The myriad of beers that I’ve introduced to friends and family over the year. Nothing better than seeing the look on someone’s face when they like something. You feel good for introducing them to what might be their favourite tiple. And if they don’t like it, there’s the adventure of trying more.

Two bottles of Feral Hop Hog on Melbourne Cup day, in Sydney, in a packed bar at the top of the Shangri La hotel looking out over a beautiful view. I was on a business trip and beers were bought by the company who flew me over. It was a perfect moment after a long day of travelling. (And then we went out and I ate Wagyu steak.)

A tin of Garage Project Beer on the beach in Rarotonga, on honeymoon, watching the sunset with my wife.

Beer is just a drink. It’s the time and the place that make a beer good or bad. Who cares which exact brands and beers I liked? Moments in time can elevate any beer to perfection. Here’s to the moments of 2017!